We make Fairtrade organic craft sodas. Our ethos is to be good for the people, good for the land and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be. We treat the people who grow our ingredients like they live next-door. 

And we believe in the life changing magic of giving a !@#$

We’re 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and like the organic *Fairtrade farmers we deal with, we’re a small business trying to make a difference.

The world drinks 1.9 billion coke drinks every day but the people behind the name ingredient have never earned a cent. So Karma Cola decided to something about that. Every time someone buys a bottle of Karma Cola proceeds go back to the people who grow cola in Boma village, Sierra Leone.  

The Karma Cola Foundation guarantees growers get something back from drinkers. 

Soft drinks aren’t known for their good qualities; Karma Cola was awarded 'The World's Fairest Fairtrader' for the work we do in Sierra Leone. 


*Fairtrade bans the use of over 120 chemicals commonly used in fruit production alone

What Goes Around Comes Around #2

What Goes Around Comes Around #2

What Goes Around Comes Around #2, our second zine has just hit the streets. It’s a celebration of all things ginger - from the roots of red hair to the ugly little root that gives Gingerella her ...

The Karma Cola Story

The Karma Cola Story

Despite growing the naming ingredient of one of the biggest soft drinks in the world, with little demand internationally cola nut farmers in Sierra Leone live an impoverished life. The All Good tea...

Everyone from the village had turned up to meet us, dressed up and dancing

Everyone from the village had turned up to meet us, dressed up...

Late last year, Karma Cola creators Simon and Matt travelled to Sierra Leone to meet the people of Boma who grow our cola nut, they didn’t quite know what to expect

Flavour Bombs

Flavour Bombs

Quite possibly the tastiest organic sparkling drinks in the world. These little flavour bombs are set to create quite a bang.


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