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We’ve partnered with our mates to be able to fill an entire fridge with goodness. And just like our own drinks, our friends are from right here in New Zealand.

We set out to make drinks that taste amazing and are good for the people who grow the ingredients, good for the land and as good for you as fizzy drinks can be. People love them so much they’ve been asking for more so we’ve partnered with our mates to be able to fill an entire fridge with goodness. And just like our own drinks, our friends are from right here in New Zealand. Their drinks are made with organic and ethical ingredients wherever possible and packaged in sustainable, recyclable materials – not plastic. Get in touch if you want some of the action. 


Almighty is all about great tasting juices made from the best organic fruit and even some veg. Their flavours don’t just taste great they contain super-duper ingredients like turmeric and carrots. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflamtory and, as every rabbit knows, carrots contain vitamin A to help you see in the dark. Wherever possible Almighty pick their fruit and veges from our own backyard.

John from Twyford grows delicious organic apples. The organic carrots come from Timaru. Organic blackcurrants come from Geraldine in the foothills of the Southern Alps. Turmeric is pressed in Wellington. Sometimes Almighty have to look further afield. They get organic oranges from Mexico, because they need a hell of a lot of sun to grow juicy and sweet and that’s something Mexico has a lot of.

Almighty are also into helping out in their own backyard. They’re digging veggie gardens in schools throughout New Zealand to help Kiwi kids learn how mighty fruit and veggies can be. 

Five flavours: Apple, Beetroot, Blackcurrant & Ginger, Orange & Apple, Carrot, Orange & Turmeric, and Guava, Lime & Basil


Long before naturopaths arrived in New Zealand kuia were using Kawakawa and Kumarahou leaves to keep their mokopuna healthy. Aotea have captured these traditional Maori tonics in bottles so we can all stay strong and fish up islands, like Maui. Kawakawa, Kumarahou, Horopito and Tea Tree leaves are handpicked on Great Barrier Island and brewed with spray-free ginger root, turmeric root, lime zest, and wheatgrass with added citrus and Manuka honey from beehives on the island. Refreshing, delicious, free of preservatives and processed sugars, Aotea tonics are all natural and packed full of strength. 

Four flavours: Kawakawa Leaf Tonic, Kumarahou Leaf Tonic, Horopito Leaf Tonic, and Tea Tree Leaf Tonic.

The best way to drink coconut water is straight out of a coconut but that often involves some climbing and machetes. We’ve searched for an easier way and found CoAqua, the most sustainable, best-tasting coconut water around. Grown in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, CoAqua coconuts are picked at the peak of their natural sweetness and bottled where they’re picked, which is good for the planet. With no added sugar, preservatives, additives or anything unpronounceable it’s just pure coconut water in a glass bottle, which is even better for the planet, and for you. 

In the land of the long white cloud there’s no shortage of fresh clean water. But if you’re not going to drink straight from those clouds or a tap, then bought water had better be really good. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Otakiri - the best bottled water in Aotearoa, according to scientists. Old volcanoes are ingenius natural water filters and deep under ground in Whakatane, 50 year-old rain water passes through porous volcanic rock, cleaning as it goes. Then the artesian water travels upwards for more than 200 metres, under its own pressure, to Otakiri, where it’s bottled at source to Biogro standards.

This process is also 100% natural. 

Good. To Go.

Good. To Go.

It’s about time we stopped playing hard to get. Now you can take the best-looking drinks in town home.

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