Lemmy Lemonade

Lemons weren’t known for their luck – until Lemmy came along.

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Lemmy Lemonade
Our combination of organic lemons and Fairtrade organic cane sugar brings good fortune to the farmers who get a fair deal for their crop, and a lemony zing to you.

If life gives you lemons change your luck with a Lemmy Lemonade.


When your car breaks down, it's a lemon. “Go suck a lemon”, means “go away and do something horrible to yourself”. Lemons have a bad rap and we don’t think that’s fair on the fruit that stopped Captain Cook and his sailors getting scurvy and helped Sir Ed Hillary conquer Everest*.

And lemonade isn't doing anything to help the plight of the lemon. The lemonade you buy at the store doesn’t even taste of lemons. It’s pale and thin and not even close to the colour of lemon juice.

We thought it was time to make a lemonade with real lemons to bring back some dignity to the maligned citrus. We searched the globe to find the best organic lemons we could. Lemmy and his organic lemony mates grow in the scorching Sicilian sun. For a lemon to taste this good they need a hell of a lot of sun, all year round. 


We’ve balanced the sourer side of Lemmy’s bipolar personality with sweetness. The sugar we use is sweeter than ordinary sugar because it’s organic and Fairtrade.

Our sugar is grown by the farmers of the Suminter Organic Farmers Consortium in Maharashtra India. Our farmers grow sugar cane using organic fertilisers and no nasty chemicals. They adhere to strict environmental growing standards, using no chemicals or pesticides. Sugar is a very intensive crop that if managed poorly can drain the soil and environment of nutrients and requires extensive chemical inputs. 

Our organic cane sugar is pure evaporated sugar cane juice, 100% natural, and 100% organic that maintains all of its naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Maintaining a natural blonde color, our organic sugar is a healthier option as opposed to heavily refined sugar that is pure white in color and often highly processed. 

*Lemons have helped climbers cope with the effects of altitude.

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