Here's Lola And She Tastes Just Like Cherry Cola. In Beer.

We have teamed up with Garage Project to make a beer that lives up to the lyrics of its inspiration, Lola by the Kinks. “Drinking champagne that tastes just like cherry cola.” The beer could very easily walk like a woman and talk like a man, and its delicious.

During Wellington on a Plate this year cola and craft beer lovers will be able to double down and enjoy a burger with a beer and the taste of cola in one.

Brewed with citrus, spices, whole sour cherries and Karma Cola cola nuts, Lola's got quite a tangy cherry flavour with a kick of cola at the end.

“We were looking for classic burger matches and a 'cola inspired beer' doesn't get any better really!” says Jos, Ruffell, co-founder of Garage Project. “We always strive to source the best ingredients for our brews, so we're thrilled to collaborate with Karma Cola – a great like minded company, who have shared their magical, ethical cola with us."

Like all our collabs, Lola has a big heart. Every can will donate 20 cents to the Karma Cola Foundation, supporting girls education in Sierra Leone.

As the lyrics of Lola go ‘it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world’, so we’ll be using money from the project to unmuddle a small part of it.

The Karma Cola Foundation was established to develop sustainable economic independence for cola farmers and their families in Boma, and help them rebuild their lives after their ten-year war. We support a lot of initiatives but every year we’ve increased the number of girls we put through school because it’s not easy getting an education in West Africa, especially if you’re a girl. If you have brothers, they'll probably go to school instead of you.

We call it Thirst Aid.

And now Thirst Aid will be Beer Aid during Wellington On A Plate.

Lola will be available during Wellington On A Plate at: Dragonfly, Five Boroughs, Hillside Kitchen, LBQ, Logan Brown, Monterey, One Fat Bird, One80 Restaurant & Bar, The Lido, The Larder and The Library.
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