Karmageddon is here!

We've teamed up with Wellington's Grill Meats Beer to create a burger that's apocalyptic. The  Karmageddon Burger, available during November, will donate $1 to the Karma Cola Foundation, supporting cola farmers in Sierra Leone.

A burger and a cola go together like Jesus and a beard and this combo is nearly spiritual. As well as tasting great the Karma Cola burger is giving back to the people who grow our cola. We’re really excited about our cola / burger colab.

“As a company that cares, we welcome the opportunity to support, the little guy living thousands of miles away, so he can get a fair deal and a chance to support his family's health, education and well being” says Steve Logan, co-founder of Grill Meats Beer.

It was the mix of bitter cola and spices in organic Karma Cola that lent itself so well to the pork for Kristan Mulcahy, chef and founding partner of Grill Meats Beer. “We’ve balanced the natural sweetness of Karma Cola with some great pickles and heat generated with jalapeños” says Kristan.

The Karmageddon burger is made with Karma Cola braised pulled pork, beef pattie, homemade BBCola sauce (also made with Karma Cola), habanero mayo, smoked cheese, shredded lettuce, jalapeño and pickles in a bun to get that perfect burger mix of soft, savoury, sweet, crunchy and sour.

When good food and drink come together to do good things like this they taste even better.

Available at Grill Meats Beer, 227 Cuba Street throughout November. 

Less From Your Favourite Drinks Company

Less From Your Favourite Drinks Company

A new range of drinks made from organic fruit and pure sparkling water, with no added sugar. Called Dry.

The Frocktail

The Frocktail

To celebrate Fashion Week, we got together with our friends at Rogue Society Gin and Zambesi to create the “Frocktail”. 

Everyone from the village had turned up to meet us, dressed up and dancing

Everyone from the village had turned up to meet us, dressed up...

Late last year, Karma Cola creators Simon and Matt travelled to Sierra Leone to meet the people of Boma who grow our cola nut, they didn’t quite know what to expect

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls

Our cofounder Simon Coley goes on a speed date with Sri Lanka, visits a tooth and gets a lesson in horticultural history, in our Gingerella Zine, What Goes Around Comes Around


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