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Our crafty Christmas decorations are inspired by the West African spirit Mami Wata, originally drawn by our friend Beck Wheeler. Mami can be a devil or an angel which is kind of appropriate as 2016 has been a hell of a year but that’s not stopping us making 2017 a good one.

We’ve just got back from visiting the villages in The Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leone where we get our cola. It’s been a year since the place was declared Ebola free and we’re happy to report the people you’re helping us support are just as good humoured and full of life as ever.

Thanks to you, the Karma Cola Foundation’s been able to add another rice huller to the resources that generate a sustainable income for villagers.

2 new barris (houses) have been built, including a guest house.

4 people started their own business buying and selling essentials like toothpaste, matches, batteries, soap, salt, pepper and sugar with micro-loans we made available for these ventures.

15 more farmers joined the seed bank providing enough rice and groundnut seed to feed 165 families.

74 girls are going to primary (47) and secondary (27) school and we’ve decided to add some boys to next year’s list. 

An array of solar panels were installed in the Saahun Community School.

And every day, thanks to the rehabilitation of cola farms, cola is split and shared in the villages and drunk in our drinks around the world. 

Merry Christmas. What goes around comes around. 

Albert Tucker
Chair of The Karma Cola Foundation
Good. To Go.

Good. To Go.

It’s about time we stopped playing hard to get. Now you can take the best-looking drinks in town home.

Everyone from the village had turned up to meet us, dressed up and dancing

Everyone from the village had turned up to meet us, dressed up...

Late last year, Karma Cola creators Simon and Matt travelled to Sierra Leone to meet the people of Boma who grow our cola nut, they didn’t quite know what to expect

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