Gingerella Cocktails

Some of Gingerella's finest cocktails from our friends around the globe, as featured in our Zine. 

Fanta  Pants

This one’s from our friends at Longrain, Sydney, who’ve successfully combined communal eating, banging mixology, Asian cuisine and a generous spirit, by supporting 
a host of Sydney’s social projects and making a proper difference. They had a bartender battle to see who could make the best cocktail with Gingerella. Jordan won...

Method: Combine the gin, ginger liqueur, egg white, lemon juice and sugar syrup in a shaker. Shake heartily. Strain into a 
margarita glass and top with Gingerella. Garnish with a dribble of peychard bitters and the julienned ginger. 

Enjoyed by blondes and brunettes everywhere @longrain

Red Mule  

We made this drink for Thomas Knights’ Red Hot 100 book launch in London at Conrans store. It was served to a throng of hot red-headed males and females, and slightly intimidated brunettes and very humbled blondes. The drink was so tasty we rolled it out again for Thomas’ exhibition opening in Sydney.

Method: In a tall glass, pour the vodka over ice, squeeze in a wedge of lime and pour in half the Gingerella. Garnish with freshly ripped mint and stripy straw.

Lola’s Ransom

Union Electric Bar in Chinatown, Melbourne, is known for it’s brassy Latin-jazzy tunes and sassy, ball blowing cocktails. Huw, one of the owners transported us to San Salvador with this concoction making us yearn for a dirty cigar and plate of pupusas. 

Method: Shake the gin, curacao, coco lopez, syrup and pepper in a shaker. Strain over ice in a high ball glass. Top with Gingerella and garnish with pineapple spear and violets
Thirst Aid

Thirst Aid

How can something as frivolous as a fizzy drink make a difference in the aftermath of war and Ebola.

The Karma Burger

The Karma Burger

We've teamed up with Fine Fare Kitchen in Christchurch to create a burger that not only tastes and looks good, but does good too. The Karma Cola Burger donates $1 to the Karma Cola Foundation, supp...

The Bridge That Karma Cola Built

The Bridge That Karma Cola Built

Just a year after we made the first bottle of Karma Cola sales of the drink have enabled the construction of a bridge in Boma, Sierra Leone where the name ingredient comes from. This little film wa...

New Zealand's First Chilli Cola

New Zealand's First Chilli Cola

African Cola + Mexican Chilli = mexafrickinawesome


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