Gingerella Cocktails - 2

A selection of Gingerella's finest cocktails from our friends around the globe, as featured in our Zine. 

Ginger & Stormy

We have made this drink for so many events they’ve all blurred into one friendly memory. The Mayor of Wellington has tried it, roller girls in Melbourne, and a boy band in Singapore whose name we have forgotten... because it’s possible we took our role of R&D too seriously.

Method: In a tall glass, pour the rum over ice, generous squeeze of lime and pour in half a Gingerella. Garnish with a 
metal straw.

We recommend Noble Spirits Fair Rum.

El Flotador de Cuba

Das-Kino, our favourite German ping-pong bar in Nottingham has transformed a former lace warehouse into a popular hangout inspired by 1930’s German cinema. They mash unusual things together and must be the first in the world to successfully put raisins in a cocktail and get away with it.

Method: In an ice-cream Sunday glass (or old jam jar) drop in a generous scoop of the ice cream. Pour in the rum, then slowly add Gingerella. Garnish with raisins. Then go slam that table.

Isla De Gingerella

The talented mixologist, Laura Lopez from the Golden Dawn in Auckland made the following drink for the 2014 Marr Factory – the anti-fashion week of New Zealand with Karen Walker, Zambesi, Kate Sylvester, Helen Cherry and NOM*d.
Method: Muddle the mint, lime juice and sugar syrup in a tall glass, add ice, rum and orange liqueur, stir and top with Gingerella. Garnish with fresh mint.

And here’s Laura’s sugar syrup recipe (easy to make and impresses people no end when they see it in your fridge).
Method: Put 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water in a pot, bring to boil, lower heat and stir constantly until sugar dissolves. Cool before using. Can live in fridge for up to six months in an airtight container.

White Lightning

White Lightning

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